Baltflex’s motto is “Everything hydraulic!”. You can contact us for both small issues or problems with a spare part or component as well as for large custom solutions. Our services are divided into four categories by scale to provide a better overview of our service levels.

Maintenance and repair of hydraulic equipment


All hydraulic systems need periodic maintenance. Dirt is the worst enemy of hydraulic systems. Maintenance generally includes:

  • replacing hydraulic oil and filters;
  • cleaning the oil tank;
  • cleaning the non-replaceable filters;
  • checking system parameters;
  • adjusting the system.

Components in a system that is not maintained wear a lot faster than intended, leading to expensive hydraulic component malfunctions and loss of the system. The frequency of maintenance works is described in equipment documents.

We offer services for cleaning hydraulic systems and assessing the purity of the oil in the system. We use the Parker certified measuring device countLaserCM20 for measuring purity.

Sale of hydraulic components


We can work together to find a suitable product, be it a hydraulic pump with specific parameters, a hydraulic motor, etc. Take a look at our online shop and if you cannot find what you are looking for, call us or send us an e-mail.

Hydraulic hose and pipe manufacture


Hydraulic hose manufacture
We manufacture hydraulic hoses as waiting orders. The nozzles are pressed using FinnPower nozzle presses which ensure high precision and quality of the work. It is recommended to take unusable hoses to the AS Baltflex workshop to make new ones. The workshop determines the correct thread and makes a new hose.

Hydraulic pipe manufacture
We have extensive experience and competence in manufacturing and designing hydraulic piping. We have acquired a variety of pipe processing equipment to offer you any service you might need. We will make pipes according to a provided sample as a waiting order, if possible and necessary.

Design, construction, installation of hydraulic systems


If you are planning to manufacture equipment or mechanisms that might benefit from hydraulics, we are here to help you!

You should know the following:

  • forces applied to your system;
  • required movement speeds;
  • movement sequences (cyclogramme) in case of an automated system.

We will help you with choosing suitable cylinders and engines and will present a quotation, considering the best solution.

Our competences include making hydraulic complete solutions in various areas:

  • harbours,
  • theatres,
  • ships,
  • car superstructures,
  • industries.

We design complete solutions for hydraulic systems (automation, electronics, hydraulics, metal structures).

We use the following software:

  • Solid Edge
  • Eplan Electric
  • Bend Tech

We believe that a system must be reliable, energy-efficient and user-friendly.
We do not wish to abandon these principles for a small reduction in price.